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Lovely location for
weddings and events

Between Mount Etna’s glowing lava and the deep blue of the Ionian Sea is an immense secrete place. The fragrances of roses and orange blossoms are in the air and small candles light up the night with magic. Inside this place is an elegant villa with rooms decorated in a delicate English style and coloured in joyous tones, typical of our Sicilian tradition…


Once upon a time, in a land rich in legends and nature’s bounties, there was an enchanted place called Bosco d’Aci, the Woods of Aci (in latin: Locus Jovis). It was a vast forest covering the eastern part of Mount Etna, expanding from Mascali to the city of Acireale, rich in ancient oaks, huge chestnut trees and a wild flora and fauna flourishing in the undergrowth…


Villa Fago is a place rich in charming little corners, large spaces to explore in the gardens as well as in elegant and inviting indoor spaces. In every season, this exclusive location is perfectly prepared to offer you an unforgettable experience.
Our feather in the cap is the variety and availability of different spaces. We offer total flexibility to enable you to tailor your event according to your personal wishes and needs turning your event into a very special day…


If you want your business meeting to be successful, you will need a welcoming, dynamic and inspirational place far away from an every-day office environment.
Villa Fago offers different types of spaces which meet the needs of a company– should you want to organise business dinners or conferences as well as meetings and workshops.
For every season we have the right indoor and outdoor spaces according to the mood of your company.


Discover our Villa between beautiful gardens and charming indoor spaces

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